Fresh Beets: OH SNAP!!!

May 22, 2008

News flash: HateThePlayer discovers OH SNAPP!!! This new DJ registers a four out of five on the Fresh Beets scale.

“Who is OH SNAP!!?, What is OH SNAP!!?, and mostly, Why is OH SNAP!!? These questions could take a lifetime to answer. A self-professed check-to-check millionaire and inventor of the Fab-U-Fly lifestyle, OH SNAP!! is everything that is right, and wrong with society. Not really a DJ, and not really a rapper, as both imply talent, OH SNAP!! is trying to conquer the world with his average looks, average flow, and his “you might like him, you might not like him” personality.”

Check OH SNAP!!!’s Myspace Profile and taste some of his crazy fresh beets.

Freshest of Beets