Lance Armstrong is a Douche (especially on Twitter)

November 5, 2008

Lance Armstrong is a Douche.  There.  I said it.

He’s one of the greatest cyclists ever, but yes, he’s also a Douche.  True to his name, HateThePlayer is here to give you three reasons why Lance Armstrong is a Douche:

  1. Lance Armstrong is now on Twitter.   The funny thing is that he has 2,853 followers (or readers of his Twitters (aka Tweets)) but he is only following two people!  (both of whom are related to his foundation).  He’s far too cool to bother with whatever anybody else thinks – what an arrogant douche!   Check his Lance Armstrong Twitter.  … oh yeah, and his Tweets are super weak.
  2. My friend’s little brother accidentally bumped into him once at the mall and Lance growled at him to watch where the hell he was going.  True story.
  3. Well, this picture speaks for itself.   You gotta hate this player: She’s about 12 years old, and he’s about 40 (and looks like Gary Busey)
Lance Armstrong is a Douche

Lance Armstrong is a Douche