Search Engine Rap Battle Extraordinaire. —– And Bonus Paid Search 101 Rap!

October 2, 2008

Novel idea… the Search Engine Rap Battle pitting Google vs. Yahoo vs. MSN.  Check it:

But this one is what got it all started… Props to the Tops go to “m0serious” for his Paid Search 101 Rap:

And a big shout out again to m0serious for his badass Design Coding video:


Flurg Definition – SNL with Tina Fey as Sara Palin

September 15, 2008

Flurg, or more accurately Flirg, stands for the ‘First Lady Is Really Gay’ and/or ‘First Lady Is Really a Guy.’

Hillary Clinton is quoted on SNL saying she “Googled what it stands for and I do not like it.”  So now HateThePlayer has schooled you on what a Flurg is really all about!  (Or a Flirg, if you will.)

Other SNL Video highlights:

– Sara Palin says she doesn’t want to have her head Photoshopped onto sexy bikini pictures.   Check back for some of those!

– Clinton doesn’t like to be called a “Boner Shrinker.”  Mad props for that one Hill Dog!  HateThePlayer’s boner shrinks big time with the thought of Palin as Pres.  Palin is palin’ in comparison to the O!  …Forget Flurg, Palin would be a scourge.

Check the SNL Video with Tina Fey and the Flurg!

– You’ll also see other fake definitions out there like for “Flirj” as a “First Lady I’d Rim Job.”  That shit is wiggedy, wiggedy, whack.

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Last, here’s a Flirg like pic of Billary…

From Nasty Yahoo Resignation Letter to Clean Google Butt. Don’t Hate on That!

July 10, 2008

What is Google doing to the world? Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang will tell you Google’s causing a “tech”tonic shift. When you see sites like this Yahoo Resignation Letter Generator, you know Yahoo is hurting. Screen cap:

Yahoo Resignation Letter Generator

And while Googlers can’t claim that their shit don’t stink, they can say that their butts don’t. Forget about the Google Bot, we’re talking Google Butt. Yes, Google employees’ butts are smiling because they’re getting some pretty hot toilet seats. Check out the the Washlette.

Google Toto Washlet Butts

Google Toto Washlet Butts

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Don’t Fail HateThePlayer – Check This Blog Boyeee

July 9, 2008

Unless have have much “dishaprin,” this blog will waste a few minutes of your day:

Check out a couple of HateThePlayer’s favorite Fail pics:




Seat Belt Failure

Seat Belt Failure

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Get Off My Couch Biatch! Or Not…

June 24, 2008

We all know the Internet is a weird place, but this takes the cizake. There are people out there who are actually looking for couch surfers. Yes, and monkeys are actually flying out of my butt at this very moment.

“Dear bums and slackers of the world, please come sleep on my couch. And what kind of chips should I buy you?”


Naw man, I’m just playin’ you. I’m givin’ mad props to this site. Travelers the world over can use it to meet locals, and vice versa. So couch surfers, go get all up in that biatch!

Couch Surfing Honey

Can I crash at your place again?
Just one more night?
(name that tune anybody?)

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Hot New Sites – You Silly Mono, err Momo:

June 11, 2008

Check this shit out!

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    The Mysterious Google Monster Opens its Mouth for a Peep

    May 31, 2008

    What we don’t know scares and intrigues us, and that’s why HateThePlayer gives props the Google Monster for opening its mouth for a peep into its data management systems.

    This article, sheds a little light on how Google has pimped its data-center, giving it the ammo to remain the ultimate Internet OG and leaving Microhoo looking like it suffered a from a wicked Venus Thigh Trap.

    Google Monster

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