Talk About Escaping the Ghetto – Fatty Goodlander Sails the World!

October 6, 2008

Now this is freedom and adventure!  Try listening to these amazing stories about sailing the high seas. HateThePlayer highly recommends Fatty Goodlander’s sailing chronicles on NPR.

When you get there, listen to “Anchors Aweigh” and then “Polynesian Dream.”  They look like this:

Also, if you want the backstory, read this blog posting called The Downside of Circumnavigating, which is really more of an upside.

Here’s a shot of Fatty and his wife sailing the world.


From Negative to Positive and It’s All Good

May 14, 2008

(…Biggie Smalls anyone? )

Despite the name, HateThePlayer is here to show the love too. Here’s your feel good, inspirational message for the day:

Live with courage.”

Easy to say, hard to do. Here’s where that came from, and some recommended listening:

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