About HTP

HateThePlayer was born in the hood and suckled on a steady stream of Haterade.  Based on this solid foundation he was able to graduate summa cum laude from Ghetto U with a dual emphasis in Pimpin’ and Player Hatin.’

After graduation, HateThePlayer went directly to the streets where he devoted himself full-time to pimping. Since then, he’s honed his bitch slapping skills, which he wields like a Shaolin sword. HateThePlayer ensured his meteoric rise to the top of the hating world by leaving a litany of dissed players in his wake, earning him the coveted title of “Master Player Hater.”

HateThePlayer says, “Yo man, while my hating skills is legendary, I’m also ’bout showin’ love to all the Gs out there who deserve it. And I’m now takin’ my message to the Web, where there’s a grip of bitches who most definitely need splappin’.”

Be on the lookout for HateThePlayer, who’s changed the blogosphere forever with his unique style of hatin’, giving props, and dropping mad knowledge.


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