Get Off My Couch Biatch! Or Not…

We all know the Internet is a weird place, but this takes the cizake. There are people out there who are actually looking for couch surfers. Yes, and monkeys are actually flying out of my butt at this very moment.

“Dear bums and slackers of the world, please come sleep on my couch. And what kind of chips should I buy you?”


Naw man, I’m just playin’ you. I’m givin’ mad props to this site. Travelers the world over can use it to meet locals, and vice versa. So couch surfers, go get all up in that biatch!

Couch Surfing Honey

Can I crash at your place again?
Just one more night?
(name that tune anybody?)

Also – check my other posts on hatetheplayer’s blog.


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